Learning Management System (Moodle) training workshop for Instructors


Project Details

Type: eLearning

Date: March 2024 

Audience: Instructors

Project Attributes:
  • Articulate Storyline

  • Instructional Design

This project aims to support lecturers/Instructors in Mwanza University to effectively utilizing Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate learning and teaching. The primary goal of this course is to empower instructors with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently navigate the Moodle LMS platform. The course will cover various aspects, including organizing course materials, integrating different activities, and optimizing the learning environment for students. Through comprehensive guidance and practical demonstrations, instructors will gain proficiency in leveraging Moodle LMS to enhance the teaching and learning experience.


Using Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, I was able to organize the training in a series of events as suggested by Gagne in corresponding to the instructional strategies, Learning activities, Learner’s assessment, and learning objectives. I was responsible for developing the instructional design document for this project and completed the needs task and learner’s analysis and design phases. I created the starting scenes and introduction for the prototype. Currently, I am working on developing modules one, two, and three for this development workshop, which will be updated later on.


I created a flowchart in Lucidchart to map out the course navigation. The course structure was based on the task analysis and learning objectives.

Visuals/Style guide

Incorporating the institution’s or client’s branding color and theme, I’ve ensured consistency throughout the course’s visual design. By adhering to these established branding guidelines, learners will find a cohesive and familiar environment that aligns seamlessly with the institution’s identity.

Story Boarding

In crafting the storyboard for the e-Learning course addressing the ID problem of Moodle LMS usage, I meticulously developed it from the flowchart, ensuring comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the course. A particular emphasis was placed on detailed navigation, aiming to simplify the learning process for the learners. I provided clarity on how students would engage with the course by adding intricate details to the audio narration and screen text, enhancing their understanding and engagement. Additionally, I maintained a catalog of images suitable for integration into the course, ensuring visual elements align with the instructional content seamlessly.


For the prototype of the e-Learning course aimed at addressing the ID problem regarding Moodle LMS usage, I utilized Storyline 360 as the development tool. Beginning with a focus on achieving the desired learning outcomes, each slide was meticulously designed to align with the storyboard’s vision while maintaining consistency with the institution’s branding guidelines. I ensured interactivity on every slide by leveraging triggers, states, and layers, enhancing learner engagement and facilitating a dynamic learning experience.

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The “LMS Training Workshop for Instructors” project represents a comprehensive and meticulously crafted initiative aimed at empowering instructors with the skills needed to proficiently utilize Moodle LMS for teaching and learning. Through the development of a detailed storyboard, instructors are provided with a structured framework for course content and interaction, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation. The accompanying style guide ensures visual consistency, aligning with the institution’s branding elements and enhancing familiarity for learners. The flowchart offers a visual representation of the course structure, facilitating a smooth and logical progression throughout the learning experience. Finally, the prototype, developed using Storyline 360, brings the project to life by showcasing interactive elements and functionality, thereby providing a tangible demonstration of the course’s design and capabilities. Together, these components create an effective and engaging learning experience, reflecting a commitment to excellence in instructional design and enhancing instructors’ proficiency in Moodle LMS.